Ace Screws

In the heart of the COVID era, amid global uncertainty and challenges, a dedicated group of industry specialists decided to step up. While not on the frontlines like healthcare workers, we understood that construction and ensuring buildings have watertight roofs play a critical role in the broader scheme. Our focus was clear, and it wasn't about politics—it was about addressing a crisis where factories had shut down worldwide, leading to a severe shortage of materials that heavily impacted the roofing and fastener industry.

Our Unique Approach
The question we kept hearing was, "How did Ace, a start-up, manage to design, get approved and produce millions of fasteners while the bigger names struggled?" The answer lies in the strength of our team and our nimbleness as a smaller company. We weren't bogged down by bureaucracy. Our compact team, rich in experience and knowledge across necessary domains, coupled with modern technology and communication methods, swiftly found solutions.

Rapid Development and Quality Assurance
Within weeks, we had established standard operating procedures, created fastener designs, compiled extensive testing data, and initiated processes for corrosion coatings, packaging, shipping, and obtaining industry testing certifications. We modeled our quality control protocols on the rigorous standards of the US automobile fastener industry and the US Navy Nuclear Submarine quality controls—looking back, our commitment to quality was nothing short of remarkable.

Scaling Up with Confidence
Thanks to these stringent quality control measures, we confidently ramped up production. In just a few months, Ace's output surged from zero to over 10 million screws and plates weekly, without a single failure.

Global Manufacturing Strategy
Our strategy to diversify manufacturing across multiple countries paid off immensely. We are now in the process of moving a significant portion of our production from Asia to Mexico, enhancing our operational resilience.

The Outcome
The result is a high-quality, modernly designed fastener that excels in all performance aspects. Capable of being produced in various countries and offered at competitive prices, Ace's fasteners stand out in the market. Our journey through the COVID period is a testament to innovation, quality, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.